Jumpy movies

I am fairly new to copying DVDs and am using CloneDVD and AnyDVD. The first dozen or so were fine, but the last few have been getting jumpy. The last couple have been totally unwatchable. Has anyone experienced this before?

This is normally down to bad media, or unsupported media with your writer.

What media are you using and in which reader/writer?

Also what are you trying to backup? we need a few more details about your system.

Hi. I started of using Princo DVD-R, and they were fine. Then I switched to Laser 'cos I could only get the Princo’s in a spindle of 50. The Lasers progressively got worse, so I tried Imation, which wouldn’t write at all. My burner is an MSI brand. I am copying DVD movies on a 2.7 MHz P4. Hope this helps a bit more.

Sounds like the other brands may be incompatible???

All of that media is terrible, sorry to say. Buy yourself some good media and you will be very happy with the results.

Good media include ritek G04/5 dyes
Verbatem (any)
Taiyo Yuden (any)
Datasafe (Fujifilm03)

My advise is get the best you can for the price you want to pay and the place you can easily get them from.

Incidiently what country do you live in?

I live in Australia. Thanks for the advice. I will keep an eye out for those brands. BTW Is TDK included in the list of good media?

Not sure about TDK, but I’ve used Ritek +R 4X exclusively so far and not had a problem.

Yeah TDK are good, should have no problems with them.

The best media is those that are supported fully by your writer. There is no point getting expensive media if it isn’t supported.

Hi All,

I’m a bit new to this game. I’ve recently been suffering the same jumping problems myself. I’ve been using Datawrite Classic 4x DVD-R’s (Yellow Label) in my NEC ND-1300A DVD writer & up until now I’ve had very few problems although friends who have tried my disks in their DVD players have suffered “jumpy bits” at the end of the disks.

Now I’m having all sorts of problems! The DVD writer will only write if the machine has been switched off for a goo few hours. Otherwise I get a “WriteDVD 9” error (using CloneDVD).

Even when the disk is written sucessfully its hit & miss whether or not I’ll get a working disk or if it will end up jumping half way through!

I’m wasting disk after disk at the moment but I’ve only got about 4 left so I’m looking to get some good quality media for my next purchase.

Could anyone suggest any good quality products for the NEC ND-1300A?
(I’ve updated the firmware to 1.0B as suggested elswhere in the forums)

All suggestions welcome, as I say, I’m a bit new to this stuff & dont want to throw good money after bad on poor quality media. I’d much rather pay that little bit extra & get a product I can rely on.

Kind regards,

Hi all,
i’ve tried lots of different dvd+r types so far,prob 15 different makes, expensive, cheap, and am currentely having good success with some really cheap ones, no jumping at all and no failiures using any dvd and clone dvd, they are called Eproformance.
I do my back up’s on the pc at work and this is now running realy well.
On my pc at home, which is exactely the same as my work one, hp pavillion dvd200j writer, i use, or am trying to use nero to burn films downloaded as nero and clone dvd interfere with each other on the same pc, from my experience anyway.
However, i am getting jumpy sticky movies towards the end when i burn movies from the internet using nero. I’ve tried them ritek g04 that everyone raves on about and so far have 21 coasters out of 21 tried!
i’d like to mention the point that hburrows83 made, getting media that is supported by your writer, this is the first i’ve heard of this, i’m obviously a newbie, so was wondering how do i go about finding out what media is supported by my writer?

good luck all

hi alan,

write dvd 9 error, been there mate had that one ages got a heap of coasters due to that error,
i uninstalled all other dvd software, my dvd, sonic dvd etc, nero had to go,
then updated firmware,
uninstalled clone dvd properly unsing the uninstall programme instead of just deleteing it,
then re-install clone dvd, re-boot, now when you go into clone dvd,
click copy dvd titles, then on the left of where it says quality is a button that says dvd5,
click this and reduce the quality to 4300mb or 4200mb,
this should help with the end of a movie getting sticky,
let me know how you get on
good luck

Thanks all. I am also confused with the whole format thing. In explorer, me DVD drive shows as a DVD-RW. On the front panel of the drive it says DVR+RW. The doco with the drive says it supports all 4 formats. Which one is best to use?