Jumpy in some DVD players but not all



Hello all, As I am new to this forum and can’t locate an answer to my question…I have backed up a couple of movies lately using various media. Ritek, Sony Gold 16X, Verbatim 16X etc…The DVD’s seem to play fine in my PC after backup as well as in my Panasonic DVD player but are jumpy/freeze in my portable DVD player as well as my inlaws older DVD player…Is there a hardware acceleration issue that I need to pay attention to when backing up DVD’s (especially evident in ones just over the 4.7 limit that require transcoding)…It does seem to happen closer to the back half of the DVD in most cases but near the beginning in others. I thought that it may be because the Compression algorithm has issue or is this still a media type problem as most jumpy discussion threads in this forum indicate…I have done about 20 DVD’s now and it only seems to effect those that are Transcoded. I will try to change the quality range next and see if that makes a difference but I was hoping for some ideas from the forum.

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You problem might be down to the quality of some of your media.

Ritek has caused playback problems for may people in the past.

Generally the best media out there is TY & Verbatim.

You might also want to try slowing down your burn speed to half the media’s rated burn speed — you seem to be using all 16x so slow the burn down to 8x and see if this improves things for you.


I agree with bubbles - change to a good media as suggested also slowing down your burn to at least 8X.(just like a car that can go 160 doesn’t mean you always drive it at that speed) I found that I had to shut everything down that could run in the background - shut off internet connection - and never do anything else on my unit while copying and I mean nothing else. This works for me & others might disagree but as I said works for me - you will have to experiment but nothing is more frustrating than trying to watch a badly copied disc. Good luck - most of us have been where you are now.


why if media is the problem will it play in some DVD’s but not others?


your just lucky that it works in some players.

Some players are picky with media. some will play poor quality media while others won’t. I don’t see any player brands listed in your first post but many Sony players are notorious for poor playback of burnt media.


Verbatim is not a poor quality media neither is Sony. I would point the finger at the players. He mentioned a portable player and his paretns old player. Most portable players can be cheeply made and the older DVD players dont support DVD -r or DVD +r


Ok lets say I burned a dvd at 6x using Sony DVD with AccuCORE technology…DVD required transcoding to 81%…plays fine in my Panasonic, fine in my Philips, but is jumpy in my ALCO electronics CD-R compatible protable DVD player…I think there must be something more than bad media to this if it plays fine in my other 2 DVD players…if not I guess I buy and recopy the ones on the Sony AccuCORE so that my kid can watch Chicken little…thanks again for anyones help here.