Jumpstart Educational CDs

Does anyone know how to copy the Jumpstart educational cds? I’ve searched the forums and 3 yrs ago someone said he was finally successful but didn’t specify how he finally did it. All the detection software I’ve tried,
(several, including clony, copydiscovery2000, perfectcopy2000, cd protection scout, copy prodection detection, cd protection detective… gah!)
says either No Protection or Unknown.
I’ve already trashed about 6 discs so far.

(It appears to copy ok, but when it’s run, appears ok when the game Start screen comes up… then u click Play, it comes up with message “Insert CD while pressing the Shift Key”)

scan with a-ray
anyway if you have clonecd or alcohol120 try the hide atip functions,in clonecd tray check “hide cdr media” or in alcohol 120% check “ignore media type” in the options
the backups you alredy made might actually work fine if atip hiding is enabled give it a shot

Thanks I’ll try it and let you know if I have any luck!

HOORAY! Appears to have worked!
I used CloneCD with that option “Hide CDR Media” checked. Thank you so much for your help.

And, FYI: a-ray came up with nothing. But CloneCD doesn’t ask which protection is used.
Before, I was using Alcohol120 (Ignore Media Type box was already checked as default.) Alcohol120 prompts for the type of protection and I was unable to detect it. CloneCD just went ahead and did the copy no questions asked.
Thanks again! :slight_smile: