Jumping Driver Buffer?



The following is a cross post from the NEC area where I was not getting any replies…

Now that CDSpeed 4.5 now shows:

  • Added seperate Create Disc function with following improvements
  • buffer level display, both graphically and numerically
  • CPU usage display, both graphically and numerically

The question is (since this seems to effect both of my DVD Writers {NEC and a HP/LG drive}):

Why is it that when I create a ‘data DVD disc’ I get a really nice stair step burn up to 16X

The data disc’s CPU cycles stays a steady 3% while the .ISO burn the CPU cycles jump between 1% and 39%???

Also when I try to burn an .ISO the buffer is jumping all over the place at about the .5gb point in the burn and the burn starts having varying speeds from a low of 2.5X but never tops 10X.

I have turned off all visible background programs, defragged the harddrives and even unplugged the computer from the network just to make sure…

Something is telling me that there must be some sort of setting in WindowsXP for harddrive or CD-Rom buffering that I must have set wrong but I don’t have any ideas (or remember) what I or some speed tweek setting that changed and really slowed down my harddrive access and no idea as to where to start looking … HELP! :confused: