Jumper Trick for LTR-0841

Hi there, I suggested to my friend that he could try flashing this drive from LTR-0841–>LTR-12101B using Pflash. Unfortunately he has done it wrong and it won’t show in his BIOS now.

I searched the forum for tips on the jumper trick put couldn’t find any pictures only someone suggesting shorting pins 5+6 and then reflashing. (used Pflash).

Can anyone give me some instructions on how to recover this drive if possible?

Thanks in advance


Check out this thread :


I used the jumper trick on my LTR-12101B after a bad flash and it recovered the drive. In my case I stuck a jumper across the bottom 2 pins in the block of 4 pins next to the power socket - this allowed me to re-flash using pflash from “real” DOS.

Don’t know if you can do exactly the same with an LTR-0841, or which BIN file you would use either.

Stick around - BoSkin will no doubt be along to give you the full details!


Look, just PM me your e-ddress and you’ll get my reply in a jiffy.


Thanks for your kind words, man ! :wink:

No worries - if another drive is saved, we’re all happy!

One more vote for “The Great Jumper Trick FAQ” in Sticky Threads… :wink:


The files are sent to your e-mail.

Thanks BoSkin, got the files and pic…just about to forward them.

Your help is greatly appreciated, will let you know how it goes!!

chrome ;0)