Jumper settings

Hello and thank you for allowing me on your very nicely laid out forum.I got an LG GSA-H10N dvd today from a friend in OZ.He did not send the maual and I have had no luck at LGs site trying to find an owners manual or a piccy of the 3 settings.They say the maual is n/a(Oh boy):clap:Anyway I am wondering if anyone here happens to know what they are.I used the search here and didnt find what I was looking for and have spent at least 30 minutes on Google.

Thanks in advance, MK

do you mean slave, master, and cable select?

You might want to go to this forum which is the LG burner forum for your answer http://club.myce.com/f91/

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2469609]do you mean slave, master, and cable select?[/QUOTE]
Yes which one are which on the back.I think master is on the right hand side but the place I got that info ,they didn`t sound to sure.Thanks

they should have it marked on the case above the pins

[QUOTE=Jimbo;2469613]they should have it marked on the case above the pins[/QUOTE]

Yes it is there.Thanks you so much Jimbo.:bow:Never though to look in the metal,but did look at the tag.Nice site you all have here.I`ll be recomending it to fellow pc builders and users.:cool:

Great glad that you found the jumper settings and got it all figured out and BTW welcome to MyCE