Jump To Main Movie Only Option in AnyDVD

I have been clicking this option in AnyDVD to jump directly to main movie and when I be saving it in the hard drive using that, it still be putting all the menus and everything, and not only the main movie and I clicked the Jump Directly To Main Movie option in AnyDVD, is there any problem with it that it won’t do main movie only stuff, It happened twice, with Flightplan it gave me all the menus and didn’t jump to main movie only, and with Face/Off, it gave me a trailer and the main movie, is there anything wrong with it?

i think you’re mistaken as to the function of that checkbox.

it does not remove menus and allow to to backup the main movie only…this needs to be set in whatever program you’re using to transcode (ie clonedvd, dvd shrink, etc, etc)

by checking that box it makes it so the movie should start up when oyu put the disc in the dvd…it does not remove the menu, just skips over it in the beginning. anydvd has no control over what is and isn’t included on a backup…you do all of that in your program of choice.

also, the “jump to main movie” does not work on all movies…some titles are structured to this may cause a freeze or sometimes it just doesn’t work.

if you want just the main movie backup, you’ll have to set that in whatever program you’re using to make the backup.

hope that helps!

oh okay, now I understand

Thank’s reasons… that’s me updated on it.

reasons rocks! :iagree:

you guys hiring? i’m graduating college in a couple month with degrees in psychology and film…does that qualify me to work for slysoft haha

psychology and film… i think this qualifies pretty well. :slight_smile:

Nah. become a film critic