Jump directly to title menu



This may be hard to explain… but here goes…

I just ripped “Gone in 60 Seconds” using anydvd/clonedvd2… the rip is fine, however I have a problem with the menu…

When I play the retail dvd in my player, the first thing that comes up is a short car chase video introducing the movie, which then leads up to the menu where I can press play, bonus features etc…

With the rip that I burned, once I play it on my player, it skips that cool little video sequence introducing the movie and goes directly to the “press play” menu…

I ripped with anydvd/clonedvd2 and I had the “Jump directly to title menu” button checked in anydvd which is probably why it skips the intro movie that leads into the menu…

When i open the video_ts in vobblanker, that little video is still there under “vts_01.vob”, but it doesnt play on the dvd… how can I start the beginning of the dvd to the start of that intro video, and not “jump directly to title menu” or is it easier to rerip and uncheck “jump directly to title menu” in anydvd?

thanks in advance


If you are going to rip with AnyDVD then I would just rip again with
Remove annoying adverts and trailers unchecked.
I usually do my rips with AnyDVD on but with clonedvd2.
Clone DVD option . Check Preserve menus . If you want to DVD DL option won’t transcode . Then you can edit & compress with another program or you can just select
DVD-5 & CloneDVD2 will transcode & compress for you.
I sometimes rip to DL size & then compress with DVDRebuilder which is an encoder.