"Jump Directly to Title Menu" Not Working

I have been using AnyDVD with 1Click DVDCopyPro for some time with success. I recently tried to copy a few new movies, and the “Jump Directly to Title Menu” is not working. I use DL discs and choose which extras to keep and which to remove. The movies burn perfectly otherwise, but there will be 2 or 3 Previews before reaching the Title menu. The “Jump Directly to main Movie” option still works correctly. I am using AnyDVD v6.0.3.1 and 1Click DVDCopyPro v2.2.3.5, and the movies causing this problem are - “find me guilty”, “Basic Instinct2”, and “Underworld Evolution”.
Any idea why?
Thanx, Speakerman.

Welcome to cdfreaks. When you check this option you should of been promted to be informed that this will or will not happen on some movies. When I check it I’m prompted with this message. So it’s no error some movies it works and some don’t. If you used anydvd to make the backup all you have to do is hit the main menu button on the remote and it’ll jump right into the the titlesets to start the movie.

this is a known issue, that going straight to the menu might make the movie not play correctly. I’ve done this with some Spanish (Mexican) movies that I did that way, and if it went to the menu, and I just pressed “play” from the menu, it would stop all together. But if I went to the menu and went to “scene selections,” then the movie played fine. The workaround for this is to jump “straight to movie” and ditch the menus. You will still have options enabled through your remove control, like selecting standard Dolby or 6-channel (if you kept that audio), subtitle control, etc.

“Jumping straight to the menu” will work on the majority of titles, as doing this and getting problems with the movie playing is not a function of new encryption necessarily (in my examples, these were older movies with little encryption or not complex encryption at all), but just something that will seem to happen from time to time, and the only way to take it out of play is to “Jump straight to main movie” and then just play one chapter after another, including any extras you keep.

Thank you.
I have been lucky in the past that most all of the movies I copied have worked with the “Jump to Title Menu” feature. And then to get 3 movies in a row that it would not work made me think that maybe the latest version of AnyDVD may have a problem with that feature. I will continue to select “Jump to Movie” option on discs like this. Thanx again, Speakerman.

If you use CloneDVD2 to make your backups, the majority of DVDs should automatically skip to the menu on both your PC and your standalone DVD player without a need for AnyDVD. If you are using DVD Shrink or another program to make your backup, you can use vobblanker to blank out the warnings, trailers, and studio logos that start before the main menu. Just use Vobblanker’s “Blank Auto” setting (Alt-T).

This sounds interesting… Where can you get the “Vobblanker” download from jasonsc, and how does thois interface with AnyDVD?

Cheers… Num


You can download Vobblanker here: http://www.videohelp.com/~jsoto/vobblanker.htm

AnyDVD is a Windows driver which runs in the background and transparently removes CSS, region coding, RCE scripts, Arcoss, Ripguard, and protected user operations from DVDs. Because AnyDVD is always running in the background (as long as it is on) it should work with any program you choose to use.


I have posted quite a bit about this issue in the LG Software Innovation forum. The only way you can tell if AnyDVD’s "Jump directly to main movie"or “Jump directly to tile menu” will work is to select one or the other in AnyDVD and insert the original DVD in the ROM drive and see if it plays directly to either one. If it doesn’t then it will not work in the backup.