Jump directly to movie not working on some DVD's




I’m having trouble with the above feature. On a few dvd’s it still either goes to the menu or comes up with a language select box and then the main movie.

Any workarounds?


@ Tukkis,

You need to visit SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com) and download the latest version of AnyDVD.

After installing the latest copy of AnyDVD go to the AnyDVD’s Opening Page and click on the “DVD” tab located on the top menu bar. Then to “Navigation” and click on “Remove Annoying Adverts And Trailers”. You then have the choice of “Jump Directly To Main Movie” or “Jump Directly To Title Menu”.

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I was only having the problem of not going direct to movie on a couple of dvd’s.

The workaround was either:

  1. Rip just the movie to hard drive
  2. Create a bookmark in zoom player at the start of the movie for the problem discs and disable dvdidle when I wanted to play these discs

It’s not a big deal as 99% of my movies work direct to movie