Judging DVD Quality Scans

Hey Guys

Can you please give me you opinion on these scans.

CD-DVD Drivespeed reports decent quality. However I am concerned about the PI error spec. Scans I have seen from other members seem to have a much lower pI(e) but a higher PI (F) spec??

It would seem a good burn/scan would have low pie and pif (both). Mine has higher pie and lower pif then most??

I am confused. I think I do remember reading that the pif is more important??

Please give me your thoughts and thanks for any input.

BYW This optical stuff is enought to drive you up a wall?? :bigsmile:

The scans had erros and would not post–so I think please review this one as they are all about the same.

I don’t see any scans. And yeah lower PIF is better. High PIE usually doesn’t reflect on your score.

ok there it is.
Looks ok to me. Jitter is a little high but ok. I’ve seen better scans on TY02’s. Where did you get them?

PIE are a little higher than what I’d expect from YUDEN000 T02, but not enough to bother me a lot, and there are a few more PIF than I’d expect.

Looks very nice to me, apart from the jitter which could be a tad lower.

What does a Transfer Rate Test of the disc look like?

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A PIF of 215 I thought would be considered pretty low?

Another question:

On a side note I discovered Smart Burn the unofficial release. The quality was less then when I made a burn with out the Smart Burn. I started Smart Burn up again and clicked disable smart burn (was this the correct thing to do–I mean–does liteon use this.

Any of you guys use the unoffical smart burn and any of the options with any improved results??

My goal is to get quality burns using good media. I do not care if I have to slow down the burn speeds, use utilities, or any thing else. I just want quality burns—period—any advice—links to help on this subject—experienced user help with this that has already gone thought this?? I always use TY media–so unless there is better I think I am ok with this one.

This is the best site I have seen on optical. The problem I see is there is just soooo much information it is very difficult to find. I.E. Big Mike on forums said he likes the 160p6s version PS0A firmware. I am currently using PS0B because PS0A will not support jitter scans. I may go to PS0A as the jitter does not tell me much, since liteons it seems has a higher jitter rate then say an older BenQ(good luck finding one). Point is on 160p6s best firmware cdfreaks search --not much came up–even though I have read on several locations here on different firmware including PS0C (from codeking I believe).

You have to remember this it T02 media and CDF standards are pretty high for that :wink:

But yeah, 215 total is still excellent.

As for the SmartBurn test version - I use it and tend to turn everything off except SmartBurn itself, but others enable/disable different things. It’s a case of experimentation. :slight_smile:

I use the test version of smartburn 3.1.16t but i only turn on over speeding. Also i use PS0C on my 160P6S. That’s so far is the only f/w i’ve tried. My drive came PS0A i believe and i flashed it right away.

Hang on i’ll do a quality scan of one the TY02’s i burned today @8X using my 160P6S with PS0C.

ok here it is as promised and i consider these to be average TY02’s.

Great burn rolling :clap: :clap:

Thank you Arachne. I hardly scan anything anymore :o I will ever so often just to make sure the burner of my choice is still doing a good job :iagree:

And the jitter is still high for some here :rolleyes:

Yo Bob-

I’m sorta confused here - the post is a scan of T02 (8x +R media) yet you call it TY02 (TY[B]G[/B]02 is 8x -R media)-eh!! :confused:

So guess that it is really TY T02 media-eh :iagree:

(Great scan btw - you gotta just [B]love[/B] the burner)

I spotted that, and it’s one of my pet hates (but I decided to let rolling off this time) :bigsmile:

Mike not you too :doh: So i should call them T02 for Taiyo 02 :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why i post TY02=[B]T[/B]aiyo [B]Y[/B]uden [B]02[/B] :slight_smile: There is no [B]G[/B] in my post.

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