Judge wants to make piracy fight more proactive



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To help stifle piracy, a US judge has now effectively limited funds collected by a website gaining from pirating material online. The website no longer has anonymity as the domain has been seized and the site’s owner is no longer able to collect ad-based revenue until the ongoing case is resolved.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/judge-wants-to-make-piracy-fight-more-proactive-38954/](http://www.myce.com/news/judge-wants-to-make-piracy-fight-more-proactive-38954/)

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Piracy would virtually stop if the courts would stop backing MPAA re ownership. Ownership means if you purchase a product, then the purchaser becomes the owner. If you make a copy and the copy is for your own use, then that ownership is yours as long as you do not sell or share it with anyone else. MPAA and the courts should review marketing texts and note that since the beginning of time that you cannot be held liable for piracy for making copies for personal use. Under the mentioned standards, MPAA and the courts cannot decry charges of piracy for personal use.Such charges ursup actual ownership. Should the MPAA wants to decry forever ownership, then there should be noted that purchase rights should be changed to read " you are purchasing rental rights only", as this is the gist of the of what the MPAA is stating. From the beginning of time purchasing has meant " FOREVER OWNERSHIP, UNLESS A FUTURE SALE WOULD MEAN A DIFFERENT OWNERSHIP" Would come into existance. Piracy has always meant , forceful taking control of an item. Since this is the current matter as the MPAA is stating, then it is the duty of the courts to prove forceful usage through forcefull harm. As I see it that has never been proven, what has been proven is that the courts and MPAA is using forceful means to deny any form of purchasing