Judge tosses class-action complaint over PS3 'Other OS' removal



Judge tosses class-action complaint over PS3 ‘Other OS’ removal.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/12/OQKTlf.jpg[/newsimage]A class-action lawsuit launched against Sony Computer Entertainment in April 2010 was concluded last week when a judge found the company didn't break any laws by removing Other OS functionality from its PlayStation 3 console via firmware update.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/judge-tosses-class-action-complaint-over-ps3-other-os-removal-55841/](http://www.myce.com/news/judge-tosses-class-action-complaint-over-ps3-other-os-removal-55841/)

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I swear that judges don’t really comprehend online issues, or general computer issues. It seems to me that if a company offers an item with various features advertised, it is incumbent upon them to maintain that support for the life of the product. Its kind of bizarre really, there is a different standard for computer products then there is for regular items.