Judge: RIAA can unmask file swappers

I just posted the article Judge: RIAA can unmask file swappers.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that a federal
judge has awarded a preliminary victory to the RIAA, by granting its request to
unmask anonymous file swappers accused of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8787-Judge-RIAA-can-unmask-file-swappers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8787-Judge-RIAA-can-unmask-file-swappers.html)

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P - R - I - V - A - C - Y____A - C - T Oh Canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
[edited by Roj on 29.07.2004 01:25]

Pierre-louise…I thought americans hated the french…but not if he’s making them money…right!..:X

the canadian version of the riaa tried to get the isp’s to cough up money of people they knew to be downloading p2p songs, saying they were partially responsible since they were using their services. the courts threw it out. i guess they will try some other insane scheme soon. sometimes it is good to be canandian.:slight_smile:

How come people aren’t writing letters to these judges to tell them that’s not what the people want. Everytime an article like this comes up, the judges email address, home address and phone number should be posted with it.
[edited by chsbiking on 29.07.2004 04:13]

Please take note that this judge won’t protect the privacy rights of music fans but will apparently protect child-porn groups right to privacy. See this link. http://news.com.com/2100-1025-991652.html There’s two or more judges listed, so you have to read the whole thing.
[edited by chsbiking on 29.07.2004 04:31]

Lets let this judge know what we think of his ruling. his addy is Hon. Denny CHIN United States District Judge Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse 500 Pearl Street, Room 1020 New York, New York 10007-1312 (212) 805-0200 Courtroom 11A Deputy (212) 805-0096 I agree 100% with chsbiking that these judges need to answer for their stupid rulings.

I think with the number of bad judgements made up to now, be them political, crimminal or corporate, those sitting on the bench can drop that HONOURABLE title…:X

Any form of censorship is the first step to a tolitarian way of life and I urge you to question all authority. Kepp up the good work cd freakz

Why, so to respond to privacy infringement with other privacy infringement? No, that’s not a solution, mere a vengeance.

I don’t want revenge. I just think people should have at least an email address, so they can write these judges and law makers more easily so they can write them and give them their opinion. Didn’t think about the secruity ramifications though, so I retract somewhat, but the people should at least be able to email these people and be like, what the freak are you doing.

The way this is all going… You have to wonder when the FBI top 10 most wanted list will suplant the Binladens of this world with little Johnny Smith down the street because he violates the sensibilities of the RIAA so much that he is considered a greater menace to the public good then your typical terrorist, rapist, molester,thief, murderer etc… ANyone else thing its time to do review the fundementals of our social priorities on this planet?, or would this just be me… again?

Actually I think its time for you Americans to Coup D’Etat your governments and enter into a revolution because as it is now we’ve all turned the wrong curve many years ago and now its about to get much worse. Someone predicted there’d be civil war States-side starting in 2004. What great timing with a presidential election. Status-quo cannot continue. America, the Great, is ripping itself apart by its own organs so its time for major surgery. Its time for civilization to recycle itself just like how Rome became so decedent that people were so foolish they were actually watching the Gladiatorial games when the barbarians were sacking Rome itself. Humanity doesn’t change but ideology does, for a time until it again comes full circle.

Not many people like the French Government. They always have secret agendas which is one of the reason they didn’t go into Iraq. They were worried about losing trade with the Middle East. Yet they were quite happy testing nuclear weapons near Australia a few years ago. As for the RIAA, most of that is run by people with Jewish sounding names. I’m not saying thats a bad thing I’m just making an observation :X

I don’t think that a revolution is in order, after all this is a problem with most governments around the world and not just America. The effects of letting big business set the priorities for law and order are allready being felt. The world might be a different if there was more money and resources put into anti-terrorism and inteligence then there has in the past. As I have said too many times in the past, if you look at the bigger picture what is more of a problem, someone downloading the latest verion of Photoshop off Kazza or someone downloading the latest child porn movie from their porn ring private BBS (or wherever they keep this stuff)? I know who I would want arrested and thrown in jail…