Judge: No royalties for ringtones

I just posted the article Judge: No royalties for ringtones.

Cell phone ringtones don’t count as musical performances, so their composers aren’t entitled to performance royalties, a federal court has ruled.

Read the full article here: [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/21086-judge-no-royalties-for-ringtones.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/21086-judge-no-royalties-for-ringtones.html)

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I can see why people pirate music. This is just absolute greed.

I never understood why people pay $2 or more for a lossy ringtone that is only what 20 seconds long and you won’t be able to transfer it to another phone. What a rip-off and how dumb are you!

What is the next step to this madness: singing during shaving in front of your kids, remembering or imagining music performance you saw a live last evening, playing air guitar, picturing sex with centerfold? There is levy on blank media, how about paying monthly because you have ears and eyes. How about smell, touch – definitely it is coming too.

If they manage to classify 30-second previews as requiring royalties to be collected, I am sure they are going to lose a lot more on sales than what they will gain on royalties collected from previews, since obviously no music provider is going to let consumers freely preview music if the provider has to pay royalties on every preview. Music previews is nothing new either, for example, many highstreet record stores allow customers preview albums prior to purchase.

I’m somewhat against this outcome, because there are artists that make more money producing catchy ringtones than “normal” hits.

It isn’t a good business in general if only the content provider (jamba.com or something) earns money and has no obligation to support the performer who the ringtone was taken from.

If they get their money when a full musical song is used, i’m ok with it.

If a 30-second preview requires royalty, let’s make the preview 29 seconds. Problem solved.

The 30 second royalty is just being greedy.