Judge mulls DVDxCopy DVD-copying case, will fair use survive?

I just posted the article Judge mulls DVDxCopy DVD-copying case, will fair use survive?.

 As we all know, 321 Studios  is currently in a legal fight with the movie studios to fight for fair use. The  company is developing the DVDxCopy and DVDxCopy XPRESS  software which enables...
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If 321 wins it will be a milestone. But I doubt they will win. Too much money at stake and too many hands in others (Read judges & lawyers) pockets.

And if they lose all the software to copy DVD’s will automatically be taken off of the Internet and no one will make copies of movies anymore. Come on, this software is good for the economy. If I’m buying backup software for my DVD’s at least I’m buying something. If I have to download software off the net for free, my money sits in the bank and does nothing, and helps no one.

321 Studios will lose, even if they win the case the MPA will move it up to the next court, and the entire time lawyers are sucking whatever money 321 has away. At some point 321 will run out of money for lawyers. As long as law makers are for sale(or rent); companies will be able to pass whatever laws they want.

This is a sad case of the american justice system. In no other conuntry in the world would this rulling even be considered in favor of the MPA. Fair use is fair use plain and simple, the whole case revoloves around the american DMCA, not fair use.