Judge dismisses suit against Blockbuster, Studios



I just posted the article Judge dismisses suit against Blockbuster, Studios.

Medialine.com reports that three independent video retailed who claimed that the company BlockBuster (video rental service) and the movie industry with conspiratorial revenue-sharing pacts have…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4109-Judge-dismisses-suit-against-Blockbuster-Studios.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4109-Judge-dismisses-suit-against-Blockbuster-Studios.html)

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Looks like you get the legal decision you pay for…:7


Taht is too bad, I really hate Blockbuster and wish they would die. They don’t carry anythign above an R rating and thwy were once against widescreen videos/DVD’s because it was too confusing for customers. I don’t need them to decide what is good for me or not.


That totally sux! I used to goto 49er video here in Sacramento, they used to have at least 3 rentals stores, now I don’t see them anymore. They always had good stuff. Thankfully we still have the Video Clearance Center.


The thing(s) I always hated about ballbuster was that the help there was generally snobby or rude’ish towards you sometimes. My biggest pet peeve was that, once and awhile I wouldn’t rent anything for a few months and one day decide to get a flick or a game there. Sometimes when I brought my choices to the counter, they would claim that I owed them money for a movie that was “late” a few months prior. I’d ask them what was the rental that was supposedly late. They’d check their records and couldn’t find the title but only said they saw a late return. They claim that after a certain amount of time has passed, the name of the thing you rented is erased from their database but only the late fee is remaining. Does that sound odd to you as it does to me? I sure as hell ain’t gonna pay extra for something that was supposedly late (and I “generally” return my rentals on time) but they couldn’t tell me what it was that was late. Makes me feel like they are scamming me! No wonder they are so big and profitable, if this is the case?!!


Same damned thing happened to me at Blockbuster. “Sorry sir, but you owe us money for something that way late. We don’t have a clue what was late, but there is a fee for it.” :r I’d rather pay extra at a ma and pa store (with less selection) than frequent that place.