Judge approves deal over CD prices, 3.5 million people to get $ 13

I just posted the article Judge approves deal over CD prices, 3.5 million people to get $ 13.

Earlier we reported that the US goverment and record labels active in the United States has reached a settelment over price fixing over CDs. Both parties agreed on paying back customers a…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6053-Judge-approves-deal-over-CD-prices-3_5-million-people-to-get--13.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6053-Judge-approves-deal-over-CD-prices-3_5-million-people-to-get--13.html)

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Hey! What the heck happened to the promised $20 that everyone who applied was going to get? Now they cut it back because too many people claimed? That sucks!

How about making them lower the prices of cds? They are busted for price-fixing so make them stop that shit and lower the prices to a reasonable level…

I bought Pete Yorn for Six.99 the week his second CD was released. I just picked up Radiohead’s latest for Nine.99 and know that Metallica’s newest included a DVD and was sold for Nine.99… Exactly what are you considering reasonable? Perhaps it’s time you shop around a bit?
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Did you buy these online? If so, what did you pay for shipping/handling? Was there Tax? The stores still sell CD’s for 15-20 a pop and the music sucks… At least let us CHOOSE what we want. RIAA = Antitrust

and you are happy to pay that price for a product that could be sold for 2.99 and still make a huge profit because??:r