Judge allows Sony to subpoena Paypal for GeoHot records

Judge allows Sony to subpoena Paypal for GeoHot records.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/03/mIfdi.jpg[/newsimage]Sony Computer Entertainment has scored another victory in their lawsuit against PS3 hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz and others, as a U.S. district court judge in the Northern District of California has granted the corporation permission to subpoena information from Hotz’s PayPal account.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/judge-allows-sony-to-subpoena-paypal-for-geohot-records-41604/](http://www.myce.com/news/judge-allows-sony-to-subpoena-paypal-for-geohot-records-41604/)

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Sony is allowed to examine PayPal donations made to Hotz between January 1, 2009, and February 1, 2011 to determine if enough funds originated from Northern California to establish jurisdiction for the corporation to fight the case there rather than in Hotz’s home state of New Jersey.

“First, let’s check if you have the money we can sue you for!”

It may be too early to say, but I think its all gonna come crashing down. On Sony in the end.

“caused the company “irreparable harm,” and broke “effective technological protective measures.””

Well, I can’t see how making a product more flexable, and more desirable to consumers could be classified as “Irreperable harm” nor do I understand how the protective measures could be so effective if they were able to be broken.

Most companies have realized that the easier it is to mod a product so the owner can make it operate in a way that is better for them is a really good thing for sales and profits. I am starting to see more companies posting the source code for their firmware, but of course using an “unofficial” firmware does kind of void the warrenty. It also lets the consumer determine what features are more important to them, and they get free firmware developers…

As I’ve said many times, Sony makes some great products but their management is so stupid, they will never become the company they could be.

I don’t even own a PS3 or any other gaming system. I wait until they are emulated for PC, then buy discs for like 5 bucks. Guess that really screws with your business model? I am sure I’m going to be on the list. I wish that EU injunction from LG would work it’s way through our court system and toss them out on their A$$es. Can Ford come steal my car because I change my exhaust system? Can Dell come steal my computer because I put more ram or a bigger hard drive in it?
When I pay MY money for something, it becomes MY property when money is exchanged. When I hand you 400 bucks you are telling me that you accept the terms of me blowing the motherfu@ker to the moon if that is my wish. This is going beyond what the scope of the law allows, and someone should tell the Judge that it is his job to decide if a law is legal or not, it is Congresses job to make laws, not the Judicial. Hey Judge, read your Constitution sometime you retard!

And this is another reason I probably will never buy a PS3. They advertised it could run whatever, then decide they don’t like that anymore and just take away a feature many liked and used. then blame all their new issues on folks trying to get the taken away features back. I’d think a lot less folks will buy the console now that they can’t do cool extras with it, and who wants to get sued for trying to mod something they bought and paid for.
I use and love a WDTV live because there is a huge modding community for it and new useful features that never were included keep getting added by users.
They decided not to support that kind of activity with their latest LiveHub version so I wont be buying that one ever either. They have even gone so far as to make it so any hacked/modded firmware will permanently disable most working features included now, just like Sony is trying to do.
The smart companies like said either turn a blind eye or at least halfway support peoples efforts to improve their products as new unthought of features make their products even more desirable to consumers, and those that just want what is natively supported will be happy too.

I vote with my purchases, I have several Sony devices (video camera, DVD recorder, DVD burner), but I will never ever buy another “anything” from this dictatorial company.

This case clearly demonstrates again that the “Imperious” attitude of Sony, is not dissimilar to that of Japan’s attitude to other countries during the second world war, for which they have never officially apologised by the way…

After the “Rootkit Fiasco” in 2005 on their music CDs , you would think that they might have learned how NOT to impress customers…

If you want to read more about that look here:-

There are plenty of other companies making good electronic products for me personally. I will just buy from them and them only…

Goodbye Sony…



I thoroughly enjoy my PS3, but Sony’s recent legal actions against modders & hackers seriously trouble me. Due to all of this, it will be very likely that I ditch Sony on the next generation of game consoles. I’m sure many others feel the same way.

I guess that it’s Sony US that’s pushing this not Sony Japan??

I don’t care which Sony it is personally, but I will never buy anything else with that name on…

[QUOTE=paulw2;2580441]I guess that it’s Sony US that’s pushing this not Sony Japan??[/QUOTE]

With that thinking, should we be mad at the US BP or just BP in general? It is coming from Sony, doesn’t matter if it’s US or Japanese. I will never support this company and have nothing but contempt. Wait until PS4, hopefully it will die quicker than the Sega Dreamcast.

This is why I stopped purchasing Sony products. I’ve been Sony free for about 3 to 4 years now and I encourage everyone I know not to purchase Sony products. Sony is only the second company that I’ve ever felt so strongly that it is abusing its financial power. There is no evidence that they have suffered any losses as a result, in fact some of the hacks make the PS3 more desirable. But since they can’t control it and charge you for it, they don’t want it.

Shame on you Sony.