JRiver Media Center 24 - Adds UHD BD and BD Menu Support


FYI - I’m a beta tester over at JRiver and they have just released Version 24 that now includes:

Both are working pretty well. I’ve also added a little util in the UHD BD Support thread that enables (unofficial) support for UHD BD Menus as well.


Good work and thanks for your efforts


FYI - Finished testing 70 UHD Discs with Menu Playback enabled (I really need to buy some more!):

  • 43 Play without any issue
  • 0 Crash MC
  • 1 Does not display the menu items
  • 3 Have a Warning that I’m not connected to a 4K TV with an OK Button you can not press
  • Fixed! 23 Stall just after playback commences on a Black Screen. These are the interesting ones. They all seem to start with a 1920x1080 res and either stall immediately or just after a splash screen saying it is a 4K disc. All stall just displaying a 1920x1080 Black Screen. I’m hoping Hendrik (Nevcairiel) who had been doing the dev on this, can uncover something / find a fix as this is the main lump of issues to date.

With MC you have the option of switching between Title Playback (playlist mode) and Blu-ray Menu mode with a Right Click and OSD Remote Control Menu, so if playback does stall you can kick over to the other mode without issue.

On the Std BD side, after testing several hundreds of discs, only:

  • 2 Stall with the Back Screen
  • 1 has a Menu that stays drawn on the screen

So pretty good so far and near perfect for BD.

I’ve forgotten how good it is to be able to play a BD and be presented with what version you want, or for a TV EPS disc what eps to select etc. Even some of the “Extras” and worth a look at.

Pretty glad I’ve been ripping all my BD’s to a Folder Structure for years in the hope that one day we would get menu playback. It also exposed a couple of things in my old rips:

  • Previously MC did not rip the Certificate folder (it does now). Seems this can impact how “resume from last play” type functionality. This info is stored on a per disc basis in C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\bluray
  • Region Coding. I had a couple of discs complain I had the wrong region. Re-ripping them with AnyDVD HD and the appropriate Region Code removal fixes that.


FYI - I’ve updated the utility to enable testing of UHD BD Menus in the 2nd post over at the JRiver UHD thread, for me that now means in the testing of the 70 UHD Discs I currently have:

  • 0 Crash MC
  • 1 Does not display the menu items (Pacific Rim)
  • 3 Have a Warning that I’m not connected to a 4K TV with an OK Button you can not press (Creed, Mad Max Fury Road, and Man of Steel)
  • 66 Discs play (though sometimes there may be artefacts as between splash screens, or a menu item needs to be selected twice for it to then disappear).


No need for my hack to enable menus on BD UHD anymore. From Media Center 24.0.17 onwards, BD UHD Menus has been enabled and so far 71 out of 72 Discs play fine (1 Stalls) :slight_smile:

Looks and works great!


FYI - Version 24.0.19 has been posted which is the first publicly available version with UHD Menu playback support - you can try it here https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,115637.0.html