Hey everyone.
I’m facing a silly problem, every time I turn on my laptop a small window pops up with the Tittle “RUNDLL” and the message written in it is:

Error loading C:\Windows\System32\jqhobeqj.dll
The specified module could not be found.

Does any one knows why this message appears and how to solve it?


No idea what this dll is or which program is trying to load it.
I would suggest that you remove it from your startup.

You can use regedit

Firstly backup your registry then:

go to key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

I’m sure you will find and entry there that states rundll C:\Windows\System32\jqhobeqj.dll

I might help to list the name for the entry in the registry

If you want to get rid of this, just delete this key and reboot.

I might help to list the name for the entry in the registry

Yeah I did find it there

The Value name is: 745f6a28
Value Data: rundll32.exe “C:\WINDOWS\system32\jqhobeqj.dll”,b

Those this info help in anyway?

By the name it seems like a temporary thing.

it could be a trojan that tried to install itself, or a cancelled installation of some sorts.

You can search your laptop to try and find that file, but i personally would have just deleted the registry value.

The same goes for anything else that is loaded at startup that you don’t want or need.

Hope this helps.

Or you can use start --> run —> msconfig

Here you can temparary disable any startup programs. If there is a problem, yo can just tick it again and it will startup again.


most likely a broken vundo infection


I disabled it thx guys for all the help…although it’s weird, I still wanna know what is it :S

I have had quite a bit of anti-malware training and experience, random named 8 digit files are almost always infections, our crystal balls are cloudy, why don’t you enlighten us as to what infections you had and what you used to fight them