JPN file extension

I am new to

I have heard a lot about this site.
Much of it (searches on google).

Well if anyone could help me please.

I had downloaded POP4(Prince of Persia 4) English ripped pack from a site.
Download links were on rapidshare.

I had to mount the ISO file and then run the setup. It seemed that the people who made the new rippack had changed the setup files a bit.

I installed it. But then at the end of the setup a batch file started (setup.bat) and started extracting some more files.

To check what is happening actually I opened the virtual cdrom and found the main setup file and some more files with JPN extension.

Then i checked my dir in which I installed POP4 it also contained some files with JPN extension.
So I am curious about this image file/or maybe something different type of file.

And I checked there was the SETUP.BAT in the dir which ran these files.

Here is a link to the screen shot of the dir i installed POP4 in:

And below is the attachment is a txt format of SETUP.BAT

Please HELP !:sad:

Prince of Persia is a copyright protected game, which you seem to have downloaded without permission of the copyright holders. Discussion of this type of download is not permitted at this site.

Please take time to read the rules of the forum before posting again.

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