.JPG saved as a .PDF or HTML in E-Mail?


 I use a Photoshop program after scanning letters and such. I have tried to "SAVE AS" the letter as a Photoshop .PDF, .PDP file and even downsized the file to a 1.75" x 2.5" File to send faster,but it's still is very large, timely file.  :sad: 

Is there a faster,easier way to send a compressed 8.5 x 11 Jpg as a HTML,or PDF, or just send it as a small jpg file.

 The reason I'm asking is I sent a Jpg letter to my sister at her work (network) and she can view the letter,but can not print it out on her work computer. She can,however print out PDF files using her Adobe reader.  Help!  Thank You!

Is it only jpg she can’t print? Because you can convert jpg to other formats - png, tiff, bmp… Or, send it jpg and have her make it pdf, before printing.

There is also a website that you can use for free. Go to http://yousendit.com and you can send up to 1 gig of information. If the file is over 1 gig then just zip it before you send it.