Jpg Question

I know this question might not belong on this form but I can’t think of a more knowledgeable group. I am starting up a webpage and I want to add watermarks to my photos. Is there a program that can add my watermark to the same location each time to a photo that is say for example a 800 x 600 resolution pic? If so thanks. Sorry if I posted in the wrong area and need to go else where. If this is the case please point me in the right dirrection. :bow:

assuming you have photoshop this tutorial should help out

not sure what photoshop version they’re using, but I’m sure it can be slightly modified for any version.

I’m surprised no one has written a plugin to automate this process within photoshop although I guess it is pretty automated once you become familiar with recording and applying actions.

try photowatermark

Thanks for helping me i am trying out photowartermark and it appears to do what I am looking for. :clap: