.JPG and .GIF

Anyone knows a good program so that I can increase or decrease the size of my .jpg or .gif pictures???


Irfanview is the best.

Originally posted by dhc014
Irfanview is the best.

i agree 100%
use google to find a download.
i believe its freeware too.

truely a beatifull program.

I always use ACDSee! Works like a charm! :wink:

I have tried ACDSee, ThumbsPlus and Irfanview. They are really good but the best for me is Compupic Pro.

I suggest you try SuperJPG by www.midnightblue.com it gives u a 30 day trial and its awesome. Wont burden your pc and easier to navigate compare to thumbs plus and Adce(im misspelling this)