Jpegs on smartmedia

I know this is not really your thing but there are some clever types on here.
I have a smartmedia card with Jpegs on saved by my fuji camera, the camera can see them but when I try to d/l to the pc or just copy the files over from the reader windoze xp can’t. It’s only the one card and I can’t get over the camera being ok but it not working. any ideas would be appreciated

Was there a program that came with your camera?
Is this program able to view the pictures properly?

Only thing I can think of at the moment is that Windows standard browser is not able to handle these JPGs properly…special jpg format possibly (unlikely, but one never knows).

It could be that the supplied program needs to be used first and automatically converts the files into something that can be viewed.

How did you try to view the images you downloaded from your camera? Have you tried opening them in for example Photoshop, or even Microsoft Internet explorer?

everything on the other cards i have works fine. I have had the camera for a while now. The problem is that the images are only viewable with the camera screen, the files don’t even show up under windows. I can take other photos and view them on screen too. I probably need a data recovery firm to retrieve them but I thought I ask first.

DaneR, not intending to be disrespectful, but is your camera supported by windowze?

Can it be connected to your system to a USB port or something?

If it is, it should show up under “scanner and camera wizard” in XP (I don’t remember where it was, maybe in controlpanel… I threw out XP about four months ago)

If it does show up, getting the pictures from your stuff should be ok.

If it doesn’t you need to get XP drivers from your camera manufacturers.

I had the same problem with Intel CS630, Casio GV10 and a few others… needed separate drivers for XP.

I was lucky to get drivers from the manufacturer’s sites :slight_smile:

actually it sounds like the card needs to be formated.
glitches sometimes happen that will cause the camera to read the information but the pc cant load it properly as a removable device.

try loading the data from the card to the camera’s memory , then format the card.