JPEG pictures don't playback on older DVD players

How can I get JPEG Pictures playback on older DVD players.
I have ImgBurn & Nero Express ver.
Using DVD +R Blanks
Windows XP Pro.

What brand of blank disks? What burner, make/model? Burn speed? Have you tried -R disks? Maybe a silly question but are you certain that the older player/s support jpeg playback? What exactly happens when you try to view the jpegs from your player?

Using TOSHIBA SD-1700 DVD player.The owner’s manual says "You cannot play discs of CD-R, CD-RW. DVD-RAM, DVD-RW,etc."
No nothing about any files format.
Verbatim DVD+R at 8x & Verb.8x DVD+R DL at 2.4x works great for movie back-up in DVD player.
Burner LG GSA-H60L.

The online manual shows that the player can play dvd-video, vcd (Video CD) and audio cds only. If your jpegs are burned as data on a dvd, this player will not play them back.

It is possible to make a dvd-video slideshow using your jpegs as input. Look at this free tool:

I use the Nero Express Video CD. Then get a check disc error on TV screen.

Video cds need to be burned to cds, not dvds. It is possible to convert a vcd to play on a blank dvd, but the audio has to be changed from 44.1khz to 48khz.
Much simpler to make a dvd-video in the first place, or burn to a cd.

Problem Solve I use CyberLink DVD Suite Deluxe - PowerDirector v6 - Slideshow
Produce jpeg to file .MPEG2
Create Disc - burn to create a DVD folder Video TS Files.
DVD Folder to DVD disc I use ImgBurn
THANKS For Your Replies