Joytech PS2 to USB Controller Converter - Vista help

Hey guys, just got Vista installed today and i’m an avid player of Pro Evo 6 on PC. When i used it on XP i had no problems and XP detected and installed the converter easily.

I come to Vista now though and although it did pick it up - it picked it up as a Human Interface Device which i dont think XP did it like that.

Anyway, after installing Pro Evo on Vista i come to the settings and try to set up Player 1 controller and it gives me no options from the drop down menu to select my PS2 controller.

Noticed in Vista’s control panel also that under “Game Controllers” it only seems to have USB Controllers to setup

anyone any ideas? dont really want to go back to XP and if it comes to it i may have to buy a PC Controller in the shape of a PS2 controller - obviously this time a USB connection

please help

Most likely the controller needs new drivers or software to run it considering the adapter was never designed to work in Vista. Not all hardware is guaranteed to run perfect in Vista. The safest bet to get a good working controller is to just buy an XBOX360 controller (I have one myself, even though I don’t own an XBOX360). Regardless of whether you have an XBOX360 or not, it doesn’t matter. The controller is USB; just plug it in and start playing. They also have drivers available at Microsoft’s site and of course this controller isn’t the shape of a PS2 controller. I find the XBOX360 controller to be better than the PS2 controller because it fits naturally into your hands. You should try holding one of the XBOX 360 controllers in your hand first if you get the chance to. You might like it better, I did :stuck_out_tongue: . The best imitation of the PS2 controller is the Gravis Gamepad. Although I’m not sure if the Gravis Pad will work 100% correctly under Vista.

Thanks mate, will look into the Xbox Controller

Thanks again

If you still having problems. I found a site that has a solution. It works from my system. I had one of the adapters.

[quote=matt89;2059064]If you still having problems. [/quote]After one year?

I found a site that has a solution.
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Playstation 2 to PC USB Gamepad Converter

  • The device works great! I received mine in black (rather than the transparent blue that may be shown). To use the device with dance pads, you have to hold Start, Select, and Up on the pad for a few seconds when you plug it in each time you use it. This isn’t a problem, at all, though! I’ve used the adapter with dance pads (for StepMania) and a PS2 controller (for a flight sim)…all without any trouble!

Xbox 360[/I]