[Jon's date] - 339th comic ... Jon and his date with the Blindwrite girl... [Part 7]

Heya everybody,

so this is the next part of the dating story. As you’ve seen in the last comic Ellen is back again so Jon has to decide which girl to take ^^ :iagree: :slight_smile: :clap: … ahhh… I remember those days when I could choose between 2 or 3 girls… but that’s a little time ago :wink: … but hey time flows like a river - and history repeats :iagree:

So here we go:

So Jon is famous? He sure is I think… after all those stuff and all those comics you really should’ve known that he’s a very famoooooooous man :clap:


Yes, Jon is famous… for his failing dates :bigsmile:


Liz is cute. :iagree:

They’ll be a great couple.

Jon is famous … in many ways. :wink: