Jon Lech Johansen creator of DeCSS registers DeAACS domain

I just posted the article Jon Lech Johansen creator of DeCSS registers DeAACS domain.

Norwegian engineer Jon Lech Johansen, perhaps better known
as DVD Jon, for his release of the DeCSS
software, used by millions to decode the
content-scrambling system or (CSS)…

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In my opinion, he has every right to crack it. If he can crack it, he has proven that the protection was too flawed. And to make it freely available, is a chance for the paying customers to also enjoy their movies outside the boundaries the media corporations are forcing unto us.

“If I was a woman, I would have his babies.”

Above quote actually taken from here Post 2…


Hmm, he not silly after totally destroying the best and brightest the Norwegian Public Prosecuter’s Department, could offer!, through the three different courts in OSLO! Oh well, let there be fun!:S

The guy is a Genius, as simple as that. I put him up there with that Good Will Hunting movie. Just looked at his reverse engineering notes on his blog, all I see is sh*aite, but it seems to make sense to minds brither than mine. Good luck man, hope to see your work for years to come.:d

Right now I can see the MPAA getting rich off the DMCA :X