Jon Lech Johansen case to be decided Monday

I just posted the article Jon Lech Johansen case to be decided Monday.

DVD Jon testified in court this week that he and the others that made DeCSS only made it for the legitemate purpose of watching DVDs under Linux. He admitted that the program could be used to make…

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Lets hope the movie industry and the music industry get a present they deserve…a decision that what you do to something you own…is none of their business. What were they thinking…attack a 15 year old…portray him as a scheming hacker…someone who has more intelligence than any of them. Well the last part wasn’t difficult at all. Merry Christmas Jon Lech Johansen and Happy Holidays…Season’s Greetings…we all have faith you will prevail

I wish Jon Johansen the best of luck at getting through with this case. He did absolutely nothing wrong. People who use his software to copy movies and share them with friends have done absolutely nothing wrong either. Once again property is physical, not intellectual.

Forgive me for flogging a well flogged point ,but I have always maintained ,that when I purchase an item, it is mine to do with what I want. The artist/vendor/manufacturer all get their slice out of my purchase money, no rental agreement is entered into and I OWN the product… Jon assumed 2 things a/ working with/for open source, he assumed he was not crossing legal boundaries. b/Sadly he also assumed his government would not lie down and roll over like a whipped cur for an american monopoly …Merry Christmas and all the best Jon…:7

Ihope Jon Lech Johansen is not a Black American because he will probably end up in a gas chamber or some other magnificent device of the American Justice system. Don’t get me wrong but I do like America but big corporationsseem to run it.

PS. I know he is not Black or from America but they might still try to fry or gas him. Is it true that lawyers eat Roast Babies for lunch!.. Only having a joke as we all know that is probably not true.

Wolverine18 - Are you stupid or something? Lets say, you come up with an Idea or Software that revolutionizes technology. Would you copyright it and sell the rights to USE it and, or would you give it away and say that is not owned by anyone because it is not physical? Think before you open your trap.

I’m not stupid animecabbit. I’m just stating my opinion. Whether copying is right or wrong is completely an opinion. It is though however a fact that it is wrong to murder someone. No one has a right to believe it’s ok to kill someone. Someone does have a right to believe copying is ok. If I invented something that was intellectual, I would sell it, but I would say that people have the right to copy it. I wouldn’t give it away for free myself, but I would think other people have the right to copy and give it to friends. If they own the disc, they can do what they want with it. I would however not like it if people copied and sold my work, but if someone just copies it and shares it with friends, I would just accept that. I want laws regarding profit copying, not free copying. So another words copying something that is copyrighted that you did not create should only be illegal if you sell it for a profit. It should be completely legal if it is copied and swapped among friends.