Jon Lech Johansen case is over, decision expected next year

I just posted the article Jon Lech Johansen case is over, decision expected next year.

Jon Johansen’s trial ended today but the judge may not be back with a verdict till early next year. The charges he faces could bring a maximum of 2 years in jail, but the prosecution is…

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Next year!? Does that mean in January, or in 1 year?

I hope they mean January cause waiting an entire year would be cruel and unusual punishment.

gang crime, lol! Watch out you don’t get mugged by your warez

Next year of course means in January.

I wish the best of luck to Jon Johansen at coming through with this. He did absolutely nothing wrong. Who ever was responsible for prosecuting him is a mean horrible person. That person is a worthless piece of junk that doesn’t even deserve to be considered human.

“Next Year” means in a few weeks…February at most. I live in Norway and this whole trial is bullshit. Økokrim (Norwegian economic crime unit) which this categories under, was under heavy pressure by the FBI to prosecute. It all comes down to US corporations and their hunger for more money no matter what…:r (no offence Americans in general) :wink:

If he was tried in USA the RIAA would ask for the gas chamber or the chair or some other other punishment that is not a cruel or unusual. Only joking… Teeee Heeee!

No offence taken. The American people feel the same way about our own corporations. I mean to screw people is bad enough, but they’re screwing their own people in every orafice. And for what? Green paper. Working Americans are the real Americans. American corporations are in my opinion an inside terriost threat against American values. Fucking us out of our money and letting us live in terror because we don’t have enough to pay all the bills anymore, because they wanna stock pile the money in the bank, and leave it there to decay instead of doing something with it to help the economy.

I agree with Chsbiking… When is enough - ‘Enough’! People with billions of dollars should be shot for robbery… They fleece people of their hard earned money and when they want to make some more money they increase the price of their product and continue to make the millions of $'s… Drop the price to a level all could afford and increase your sales! There is no middle class in America anymore… Just the Rich and the Poor! :r

Guys, the RIAA may not be behind it, but the MPAA is. MPAA is just as bad as the RIAA.