Jon develops new utility to decrypt iTunes DRM tracks

I just posted the article Jon develops new utility to decrypt iTunes DRM tracks.

 Back in November, DVD Jon Lech Johansen who originally  helped distribute the DVD DeCSS had developed a utility to dump a QuickTime  stream to a file.  Now he has written 

code under the…

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I love the fact that “Jon” does the complete oppisite of what “Microshaft” does. :slight_smile:

Steve Jobs comments to Rolling Stone magazine - “we don’t believe it’s possible to protect digital content” - I sure hope he is Right I sure don’t want to go through life listening to everything on “DRM Encrypted WMA” Files. :r (BTW: Man the process of unlocking these files is so teadious why not go through the easiest route? :d

Just posted it on the forum as well :

He’s pretty clever that Jon Johansen. Was he also the one that broke the dvd audio protection before they even released the dvd audio onto the market?

May whatever deity you care to subscribe to bless and keep blessing people like “Jon”. They are our defense against a world where no one will be allowed digital freedom.

Digital protection doesn’t work cause a DRM protected file is much like an audio cassette saved in a bank vault. That cassette doesn’t do you much good unless you can get it out of the vault and into your cassette player. Same with a DRM file, they don’t do anything unless you take them out of the digital vault and play them. Problem is once they’re out of the vault. The person listening to the file may decide not to put it back in. And this is why encryption will never work as a DRM method.

Then you must really dislike Apple, since they not only encrypted the files, they were also locking you in to one player. At least MS is allowing anyone to license theirs, so you can use more than one player.

God bless Jon!