Joliet filename errors in Nero won't let me burn


i’m trying to make a backup. first time i got this error: “#2 MAKEJOLIETNAMES -3 File ISOOperations.h, Line 205
The listed files have no unique Joliet name:”

i fixed them. then i get the error that 3 of what sound like some of the original filenames are too long, or not unique, or something (i’m losing track of the error messages). so i give rename them with short names.

now i get this error: “#5 ISO9660GEN -3 File geniso.cpp, Line 3376
Joliet names of these files (listed here in ISO-L3) are the same:”

i keep turning off the option to check Joliet filenames, in case that will make it not check and not care. i even tried to change it in the registry. no luck.

does anyone know how to keep this from stopping my backup?


please can anyone help with this? i have tried everything. i uninstalled nero. i installed BurnAtOnce, but decided i don’t want to risk using a new program where anything could go wrong with my backup. i even installed LongFileFinder, but there are way too many filenames to fix. i don’t remember what the limit was with nero, however. i had LFF check for over 64 characters. however, maybe it’s 128? i never had this problem before with nero that i remember. a lot of the files longer than 64 characters were saved in my last backup, which was just done in the fall.

i also considered this program that makes a batch file of all your long filenames, then restores them later. i don’t like that either.

there must be a way to make my nero write work again.

Probably not what you’re looking for, but your best bet may be to back up to another hard drive. On the other hand, what if you find a way to burn your backup, only to find out later that you can’t read the files off it due to the long filenames problem?

On the second thought, you could try backing up with some program that does not store files as is but merges them into one big file that can span many discs. Backup that comes with Win2000 is an example of such software.