Joliet characters

Is there anyway to unlock Nero 6 to alow 128 characters?
I did set Nero to ISO level 2,but it did not help.

If I understand correctly your question, you are trying to put long text on a disc label.

You can do it creating an ISO file and then changing labels with imgburn. Actually, you can create ISO files also with imgburn :slight_smile:

Yes I am trying to put long text on a disc label like for music and movie DVDs Is there any other way around without making ISO and than burning to disk?

You can use directly Imgburn to create ISO files with long labels.

For what I know nero is not able to do this by itself. Imgburn works correctly and many times I was able to put long name on disc labels with it.

If you like more to use nero to create your discs, then use it and save compilations on HDD first, then modify labels with imgburn, and finally use nero to burn ISO files. I still prefer to use imgburn to do all steps.


If I remember well, ther is a place somewhere that you can check on a function called “relax joliet” or something like that.


The filesystem ‘relaxed’ options are for folder / file identifiers, not volume labels.

ISO9660 supports 32 characters, Joliet 16 and UDF 126 or 63 depending on if you enable unicode support or not.

From what I remember, Nero just always limits you to 16 but I’m not sure if that’s changed now - especially if you edit it via the advanced method where you set each filesystem volume identifier independently.