Well, I received my DVD Drive today, it’s Bulk, with no connection.

I’ve just wanted to know, if I’m supposed to buy any special cables for it. I guess this is somehow a super stupid question, a rhetorical question, though, I just want to make sure.

Btw, In case I do need to buy something, how am I supposed to verify the specific connections, or the connections are all the same in the numerous drives.

Oh, I have Nec 2500A. Yup, another one.

All you need is a ordinary IDE-cable and a free molex-connector, nothing else. Those CD-audio cables are only necessary for analouge playback so you don’t need one of those. :slight_smile:

Awww. The thread topic got me excited. :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Ssseth
Awww. The thread topic got me excited. :stuck_out_tongue:
me too thought we might have a bit of weed a’well not to worry :cop: :cop: