Joint Task Force - Safedisc 4.7 , no go with DT 4.10 and YASU

Hi all,

As you know, JTF uses Safedisc 4.7. I’ve managed to backup another Safedisc 4.7 game (Civ 4 Beyond The Sword), but its a no-go with JTF for some weird reasons. I’ve searched through a few forums and still no solutions there.

I’ve tried making image files with:

A. Alc 120% - Safedisc 2/3/4 profile, then running it on Daemon Tools + YASU. This worked for other games, but not this one. God knows why.
B. Blindwrite 6 - Same result.

The error message is “Please insert the correct CD/DVD-ROM”, probably it detected the emulation somewhere. The original worked fine on my PC so I’m stumped

Anyone made a successful backup yet? Anyone play this game? :stuck_out_tongue:

Like for other protections there are several options publishers can choose from to protect their product.
So same version doesn’t automatically mean same degree of protection.
It seems that JTF checks for things YASU doesn’t/can’t hide for some chipsets/configurations :confused:

How are your optical drives connected ?
If they don’t share the same IDE channel with an [I]active[/I] HDD you can try to deactivate that channel in device manager instead of using YASU.

If that doesn’t work you could try to deactivate your optical drives with SFNightmare 1.12 .
If you want to give it a try please do carefully read the instructions + always undo the changes you made before shut down/reboot.
AFAIK the SFN-option Disable CD isn’t enough for Safedisc.

Another option would be to burn an emulated copy with Alcohol or Blindwrite.