Joining .vob files

I was able to use dvd decrypter to rip a bunch of chapters from a badly scratched DVD. So now I must join the chapters together and then re-author the DVD.

My question is if there is an easy way to join .VOB files together. I have been using mpeg2vcr and manually adding each new chapter to the end of the previous chapter and then saving.

It is very tedious and error prone (e.g. I can not remember if I had already added chapter 17 or not). I also have to guess as to how large the resulting .VOB will be because it can not be over 1gig in size

Is there a dvd authoring program that would allow me to import all the different chapter .VOBs and then it would create a set of 5 .VOBs that can be burned onto the dvd?

I have searched but either this question has not come up OR I am using the wrong search phrases <-- most likely.

I would appreciate any input on this subject.

Well, I downloaded the trial version of dvd-lab. It has the capability of joining the .VOBs before you author the movie.

This feature was not working. Then I renamed the chapters I had to the standard VTS_01_1.vob, VTS_01_2.vob, etc.

Then it worked. I was able to all the VOBs together and then author the movie.

If anyone else has any ideas, please followup.