Joining video_ts files

Hello again
Can anyone help?? How can I join video_ts files, I have a movie in two half’s and need to join it to burn it on one DVD

Any tips much appreciated


without knowing exactly what the situation is, i suggest the fastest method would be to try a dvd authoring app. try nerovision express/make dvd option. add your video files…

You can use VobEdit to join the .vob files. Then use IfoEdit to make some .ifo and .bup files so it will play on your DVD player. Burn with Nero.

Yes tried nero vision, does not reconize the format for some reason.

I’ve tried converting the avi files (original format) to video_ts files and then tried putting the files into nero vision but that did not work either.

I now have 2 x folders with half of the film in each (the format in these is video_ts)

I have tried to rename some of the video_ts files in the 2nd folder to " 2 " and then tried vision express but still not working


If you still have the .AVI files then try running them through DivxToDVD together, that will join them together and output as a single DVD Video fileset ready for burning.
You can download DivxToDVD from

I have that software, i will giv it a try

thanks for the help

much appreciated