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Hi every one just worked out how to post for first time. There really should be an idiots page for all first time users. :slight_smile: Would like help if possible for a simple probelm! A mate knew i did dvd back ups a threw me a good one. being used to using nero, roxio, dvdclone, cucsoft winmpg and dvd shrink i thought i had it sussed. He gave me a dvdram disc that he taped off the box a rod stewart concert on. But his next door neighbour and brother and his mate etc etc all missed the show and said they would like a copy. He gave it to me but lo and behold i can’t back it up onto a dvd-r using the above programs presumibly cause there aren’t any vob or ifo files. How can i do it?? please.

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is this a copy of a bought dvd or where does the original video material come from?

It looks like it comes from the TV.

Ben :slight_smile: