Joining two mpg's and making a dvd / sync issues etc



hi whenever i download a movie scene release which usually come in vcd/scvd format

for instance yesterday i downloaded a film from the prideVCD group, i always join both files with either boilsoft joiner or easy video joiner which i assume are all basically the same

then no matter if i use nero vision, divxtodvd, or winavi. the convert to dvd procedure goes fine but after about an hour (which is cd2 joined, the audio starts to go out of sync, so the 1st half of the 2cd joined into 1 file film has no sync issues but after a certain period of time like i was saying (2nd cd audio) the audio goes of out sync, so if i want the movie to stay in sync all i can do is convert the 1st cd to dvd and miss the other half of the movie…

this never happens with 1 cd vcd’s etc like tus’s kvcd’s and so on but it always happens with multiple joined cd movies

so why does this happen to me, is there any way around it at all or will i never be able to enjoy multi cd/joined vcd’s(mpg) etc in dvd format?

thanks in advance


Already read the forum rules??



i didnt state what movie it was

for all you know the movie i downloaded was perfectly legal and for all you know i could also own the original…

next please…


And this doesn’t make a illegal download a legal one.

Didn’t you know that?!


i didnt understand what you just wrote

fix the grammar


I think you should fix your ignorance and read the rules of the forum, or not?!?

In your next post you will tell me that “[B]PrideVCD[/B]” is a scene group releasing legal stuff… lol :cop:


Simple speak: Just because you own the original does not make it legal to download it.

I second chef on the reading the rules it is still not allowed.


i really cant be bothered to continue to debate with you guys, i would but im not going to because im going to go to a few more forums and ask the exact same thing, they wont say read the rules either because ill go to “certain” forums

thanks anyway


That’s what those forums are for mate. There are strict rules here and the fact you mentioned downloaded movie means we can’t help as the rules here are strict to protect this forum because of its’ international nature. The rules are there for everybody to read and if you don’t like them then leave, it is the same for every forum they all have rules.