Joining or Combining Video ts files?



Hi everyone Sorry If this question has already been asked but I am having a Little trouble with my new project I just built a new media PC for my living room that I will be ripping all my DVDs to using anydvd and I use vlc to play them on my TV. but I am looking to join the vts files, so instead of six or so there will only be one that way they will play seamless with out having to select each vts file to play a portion of the movie.
Thanks ! :wink:


You can rip as an ISO file and play that in VLC. Use AnyDVD to break encryption, then use either DVDDecrypter in ISO Read mode, or use DVDShrink with no compression to rip to the hard drive as an ISO.
(this is assuming you want the complete dvd on the hard drive uncompressed).

You can also just use VLC to look for the Video_TS folder to play the whole movie for those you’ve already ripped in file mode. Start VLC, hit File, hit Open Directory and navigate to the folder.