Joining music videos and burning to dvd-r

Hi, im new to the forum and looked like a good place get advice. sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I have bought a dvd player for my car and want to get some music videos for it too play. so i need to know what programs and possible how to do this. im sure ill need a joiner program and converter one and one that burns it to the dvd-r. it needs to be converted so its like a actual dvd as it will only play actual dvds (or things that are burnt like real dvds if you get me)

also does anyone know a good program which will convert and then burn straight away? would be a big help. cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Danny…welcome to the freaks world.

Lots of programs will do this…Nero for example, but it´s not free.
You will need to rip (=copy) the videos you want to your hard-drive, then using Nero, add them to a list, then ask it to burn this to a dvd.
This dvd should be compliant with your car dvd player (or any other dvd player).
As with anything new, you will have to read the instructions, and it may seem confusing at first.

Good luck.