Joining MPGs

Well i’ve just come back from holidays and i’m now trying to compile all the video that i took during my trip.

I wanna join up all these MPG files together cause when i authored the files with TMPGENC DVD Author there are like 1 or so pauses in between clips. I have 400+ using up about 10gigs and yeah, it’s just annoying to have all these pauses, especially when some clips are really short.

Basically what i want to know is: Is there any easy to use, quick and batch process program that i can use to join like 30-40 clips together? I’ve tried the boilsoft joiner but thats useless, and also tried another one but i forget its name…

Thanks for any help!

I only know of two that work well. VideoRedo & Tmpgenc. Don’t know about batching though but with both it’s quite quick adding the clips together, although the final join process takes time as you would expect.

OMG i’m pretty sure that Tmpgenc does not allow batch. And with my experience Tmpgenc can sometimes be slow, and at times also unreliable if the load is too heavy :frowning:

To cut or join mpeg files I use MPEG2Schnitt.
(You can set your language to english)

Alternatively you can use Cuttermaran.

But you need to demux the mpg files first. You can demux with TMPGEnc (MPEG Tools), PVAStrumento or ProjectX.

Two others are
1- From a company named Ordix, the program Mpackpro it’s sole function is to join MPG files.
2- With a little more effort the basic Windows movie maker will also join them. It will produce a WMV file but that can then be converted to any format you desire.

Thanks for all the help guys. But yea my friend told me to use nerovision express 2 and use the movie maker. Seeing as i had it on CD, it came with my burner, i gave it a shot. It works great, its pretty fast and is user-friendly! So if anyone needs to join files use NErovision!!

Good deal :iagree: Hope it all works out for you. Any more problems be sure to drop back in cause there is no shortage of very good people willing to help