Joining mp4 segments together

I hope someone can help me, I have downloaded a movie in mp4 format which is what I wanted, but it had to be downloaded in 13 different segments (From You Tube). How can I unite the segments together so as to watch the movie in one session.

Thanks Allan:

I would start with DVDFlick.
It will probably have a menu with all 13 seperate selections.
All should be burnable to one DVD disk.
I think there woud be a pause or you might need to start each one.
So if that’s good enough you could stop there.
I haven’t done what you are trying & there are probably better ways to do this.

You might be able to join them together using AviDemux. Import the first section, then use the Append function to join it to the next one. I’ve never tried putting 13 together into one video though…that is a lot of potential problems waiting to happen as far as audio/video sync.

MP4Box using YAMB as a front end will also let you join multiple file segments, and is solely for mp4 files so might have better support than some of the other tools.

thanks for the imput I will try out what you have suggested.

I tried AviDemux for this .It worked well but if all the .mp4 segments are not the same size demensions you need to resize them.You will get a warning about that.
If you do just resize individually until all are the same.
I only did 3 but I think more would work.
There are a lot of settings & I haven’t used AviDemux much. So I’m sure with some testing an even better result could be had.

if youre not willing to pay for PS, grab virtualdub

note: many new users complain about file size with virualdub, this is not an issue as long as you remember to apply COMPRESSION settings