Joining edited VOB files with Original IFO file

I m Having a big problem and I don`t know whether u ppl will understand that or not :bow: :confused:

I have Whole folder of Video_Ts of any movie…
I used “Winavi” to compress Size of VOB files of that movie. I used the option VOB to DVD to compress its size…
Now I have all VOB files of the Movie Compressed and their names Changed !

Now the main Question is…How can I adjust these compressed VOB files to their original place ? With original menu, subtitles and IFO file ???

I hope u`ve understood my Question :sad: :sad:

“Winavi” to compress Size of VOB files
Does winavi can do this? can compress? It’s a video converter,right?

Is this what you’re looking for?

Why didn’t you just compress with DvdShrink? You would have a lot more control over what your doing. You can compress the movie and keep the file structure. Here’s the link.