Joining DVDs with DVD shrink

I’m trying to get the godfather part two onto 1 disc, using shrink following this guide:

i’ve followed the instructions to the T trying three different ways. the first i tried to do it with each disc in a drive. both discs remained in their drives and accessible throughout the process. I tried one disc in a drive and one copied to the hard drive, and also both copied to the hard drive.

on all occasions when I try to play back the resulting iso, it only shows the first part of the movie and the second part was never joined.

both titles appear in the “reauthor” window right up until the last second.

if anyone could make any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong that would be great.

I have on my computer, alcohol 1.9.2 build 1705, shrink 3.2, decrypter, anydvd, and nero 6 if anyone wants to suggest another way of going about this. (yes i know i have a few updates to do)

i read some stuff about vobedit and remaking ifos but it seemed confusing, especially if it’s possible with shrink and/or any of the programs I already have and therefore are at least marginally familiar with.


This guide is referred to an older versione of DVD shrink. Do you use the most recent to do the job?

i know it’s older, but i didn’t catch what version the guide is for. i use version 3.2 as i stated in my post, but followed the directions as exactly as possible given the version differences. the changes looked like mostly layout/format-wise than any specific option differences.

do you think it didn’t work because my version is newer?

i’d imagine a program doesn’t lose features as it develops unless this is some quirky thing that just sort of happened…

so i guess my next question is has anyone actually completed this task using the latest version of dvd shrink?

Sorry for my mystake. I missed that you already use latest version.

Anyway I haven’t problems in reauthoring movies. Every title I put in reauthor mode is present in reauthored movie.

Try to save in file format instead of ISO. Maybe in this way all files will be present.

thanks for the tip! i’ll give it a try.

i got angry and deleted the ripped files from the originals off my computer, so i’m in the process of re-reripping now haha.

i’ll let you know how that turns out.

otherwise i found a guide on doom9 for a method using nero recode 2.

i’ve never used recode before so I’m not sure which is better (or if one method even is “better” than the other)

anyone familiar with recode?

Shrink cannot join DVD’s. What it can do is play one title after another title using reauthor mode. Once title 1 is played. It will play title 2. Disc 1 of Godfather would be title 1 and disc 2 would be title 2.

There will be a slight pause when switching from one title to the next

I would use DVD Decrypter to rip each DVD to the hard disk first. You will need about 20GB free to do it plus the DVD Shrinked files.

Have a look at this guide.

yeah that’s what i figured would happen. I should have clarified…I didn’t mean join as in join into a single title (although that would be nice, but the guides i’ve read on that subject seem complicated especially considering the fact they utilize software I’m not familiar with.)

the slight pause isn’t something that bothers me at all. it’s just a backup (and a pretty low-quality one at that i’m sure after jamming all 3hr. 20 minutes onto a single disc.)

the guide you posted is exactly how i’m doing things now, but my question was about not getting the correct outcome.

I’m 80% throgh analysis right now as far as writing the new joined disc in file mode. hopefully this worked.


the first suggestion worked! thank you!

glad i thought of it :stuck_out_tongue: