Joining .avi files with differant audio and video streams

I have many 2 part .avi files that I want to simply join for storage on a hard drive. When I load them into VirtualDubMod I get the warning “The audio streams have differant data formats” When I open each part with GSpot I find that part 1 is 48000Hz 127 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo LAME3.90. and part 2 is 48000Hz 126 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo LAME3.90. Very close but not quite close enough. Both are VBR mp3 and can remain as such as far as I’m concerned. Additionally, the files also have very similar but differant video formats as well part 1 being Xvid 512x288 kbps = 881 and part 2 is Xvid 512x288 but kbps is 887. OK so my question is: How can I easily convert and/or re-encode either 1 or both files so that they match and can thus be sucessfully joined with VirtualDubMod? Even if I could just change part 2 to match part 1, that would be adequate. As an example, I would like to make part 2 127 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo LAME3.90 and Xvid 512x288 kbps = 881 To match part 1
Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance, Ziggy

Try Nandub as it is better at handling VBR audio, Direct Stream Copy on both Audio and Video. Should be no need to re-encode as your file was most likely encoded as one file, then split later. The reason for the varying bitrates is both files were most likely encode with VBR video as well, which will show up as different bitrates once the file is split.

Thanks you for the fast reply… I tried Nandub and Nandub gives error: "Cannot append segment. The audio streams have differant data formats."
So, I’m having the same problem there as well.
Thanks again, Zig

Avidemux should be able to join them, it’ll recognize the VBR audio and ask to build a time map…Load first avi and append the the 2nd…FYI, the newer VirtualDub version(s), deal with vbr audio better than VirtualdubMod does…

Excellent. Very many thanks. I’ll download and install avidemux. I’ll try it out after dinner and will post my (hopefully) sucessful results back here.
Thanks again for all the help! Zig

Avidemux worked! No complaining about differant formats or anything.
Thank you all very much for the fast helpful responses! Thanks to t0nee as well! You guys rock!!! Forever grateful, Zig