Joining 2 mpegs?

i have a biiiiiiig problem
All i am trying to do is join 2 mpegs but they always seem to either miss the last 20 mins, or just produce something about 5 mins long.

Can anybody please help me!! i am at the end of my tether!!!


I use TMPGEnc to join .mpeg files. It is under Files>Tools on the Merge & Cut tab.

TMPGEnc is definitely up to the task. However, you get best results when the video is encoded with TMPGEnc. I have had many errors attempting to cut or join video that was not encoded with TMPGEnc. However, once I encoded the video files using TPMGEnc, the program had no problems cutting or joining the video.

When it comes to MPEG editing, I have found Womble to be exceptional - and as much as I love TMPGenc, Womble was better.

There is a free trial so you can give it a shot to see if its the right app for you.

Oh and it seems to do stuff without recoding, so it is very quick indeed.

Filemerger works good for me and it’s free.

videoReDo and nanoPEG are other ones as well as TMPGEnc…