Joining 2 avi movies

hi, I have 2 separate parts of a movie with each part has it’s own audio. I use ffmpeggui to convert from MP3 to AC3 if needed then take VirtualDubMod to Demux out the AC3 then i use TMPGEnc to encode. What would i need to do to join both parts of audio together that has been split? Since each part has different sizes i been told i had to re-encode each part in my case DVD format NTSC 720 x 480 or PAL 720 x 576? Is there any guides on joining together after encoding?

You havent used search, that were discussed and answered so often here that you cannot miss it when using SEARCH.

well i can’t help it if i don’t know how to join a DAMN video and audio together. Don’t post if you don’t want to help.

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I was researching this a few months back. The so called good paid softwares have watermark logo’s on the trials. I tried ConvertXtoDVD and WinAVI. I ended up buying WinAVI as it did the best job for me.

You might want to try out some different s/w’s and see what works best for you. There are some free ones but i don’t remember the names of those.

I hope i read your question correctly.